Why Choose Us

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ATV Enthusiast, Kevin Mummah in 1996, founded Lost Creek Cycles. In the beginning, Kevin was the go to guy for anything ATV related and as interest grew in his local town, it was obvious that his skills where meant for more than just a hobby. In February 1996, Lost Creek Cycles opened in a 4,500 square foot building. Before long, Kevin and his friends began racing for fun, and in the process realized there was a lot of talent in the group. Kevin began wrenching full time, and the Lost Creek Cycles race team was born.

In 2006 Team Lost Creek Cycles caught the eye of Suzuki, and was the first official Suzuki support team. After several years working together, Kevin and Team Suzuki/Yoshimura had built a strong working relationship and in 2008, Kevin took the Crew Chief position for Team Suzuki -Yoshimura. The team went on to earn the 2008 National Championship (Dustin Wimmer), the 2008 ATV Open Championship (Chad Weinen), 2009 National Championship (Dustin Wimmer), and the 2010 National Championship (Josh Creamer).

Christa was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio and began ATV racing in the late 90’s through the support of her family. She first used her race knowledge when she began working for Five Star Cycles in Saegertown, PA. It was then first obvious to her that her passion for racing would be part of her lifelong career. She later took a position for ATV Suspension manufacturer JB Racing, where she and Kevin met. She went on to “retire” from racing, and has since worked as the press correspondent for ATV Motocross, and now solely for you at Lost Creek Cycles. 

Through the influence of her father, she was encouraged to work on her own machines in order to have a better understanding and respect for the mechanics. The rule in the home was that the quad would only be worked on if she were helping. As they learned more about the machines together, and the experience would prove to be priceless. Although she may not be what you expect when you call a cycle shop, we encourage you to allow her to assist you. 

In 2009, Christa and Kevin worked together to found LCRC Raceway, an offroad remote control track located next to the current shop. The success of the endeavor has continued to surprise them. For more information on the RC Track, visit lcrcraceway.com.